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The Right Way to Hire a Marketing Manager

May 12

It would be straightforward to hire a Marketing Manager in a perfect World.

It would be simple to post the job, receive lots of applicants from quality candidates, choose the best and then make an offer.

You can save yourself a lot if you are prepared.

This article will address some of the important considerations to make when hiring a marketer.

Some of the difficulties you may encounter when you hire a marketing manager

Before you can post a vacancy, you must have a clear picture of the skills that your marketing manager will need. You also need to identify the tasks they are required to perform.

Gary Nealon - the founder of Nealon Solutions - identifies the two main reasons it is hard to find the right candidate for the position as marketing manager.

One reason is that marketing requires creativity and knowledge of social media platforms. Analytic tools, Google ads and Facebook ads are all required. Content marketing is another.

There is no one person who can handle it all. Therefore, you must prioritize.

Candidates with extensive experience in these fields typically cost you a lot. And most likely, they are already hired. So you'll need to offer something special in terms the compensation and the project they will be working on.

Additionally, they must be able manage. Finding leadership skills can be hard because they require soft skills that are difficult to quantify.

Trust but verify

Not only is it difficult to quantify the achievements of candidates, but also verifying them.

A candidate may claim that "I increased the Company X's social network followers by Y". You will need to investigate this claim to see if it is true.

Here's how:

Interview questions

The obvious answer is to start asking questions.

For instance, ask

  1. The they scaled their social media following
  2. What strategies did they implement?
  3. If they worked together or as part of a group

If there is any achievement that you feel demonstrates the candidate's ability to be a good fit for your role, be sure and ask for specific examples.

Use pre-employment skills tests

Or, you can use the skills assessment test. A company I work with has assessments you can use at high levels of the hiring funnel in order to make sure you are evaluating the right candidates. It saves you time and eliminates the need to read resumes that aren't qualified.

By using skills like testing, I am able to save time in resume assessment and give myself more time reviewing resumes from candidates who are a good fit.

Sometimes I ask candidates if they would like to take a personality test, such as the Big 5 (OCEAN), test. However, this is not for hiring decisions. It is to help them get a better idea of how to approach an interview.

Definition of the Role of Marketing Manager

It is important to clearly define the role when you are trying to find the right marketing director for your company.

Sometimes companies seeking a marketing director don't have time (or simply don’t want) to take the time necessary to determine exactly what they require in a hiring manager.

They may not realize what they missed when they first receive applications or when they interview candidates.

Here's how to prevent that.

First, think about what the responsibilities are for your marketing manager.

They should be based around your objectives and the problems that specialist will need.

After you have identified your responsibilities, you can assess whether you need a permanent marketing manager, a contract specialist, or a marketing agency to meet your goals.

Once you've identified the skills and experience you need in a candidate, you can start to search for them using a job site like FarFarJob.

How to Find the Best Marketing Manager

If you're looking for a marketing manager position in your company, it is a good idea to write down the skills you need.

Lisa Schneider, Merriam-Webster's chief of digital, emphasizes the importance of creativity and initiative. She says that it is more important to be able to work independently and create new ideas than to follow established patterns and guidelines.

Here are some more qualities to be on the lookout for:

  • Analytical reasoning
  • Experiences with marketing analysis
  • Selling skills
  • Ability of looking at the buyers' side
  • Talented people
  • Writing and storytelling skills
  • Planning Prioritization and measurement
  • Technical, math and other skills

Find the Best Questions to Ask When Searching for a Marketing Manager

Interviews are an opportunity to inquire not only about the qualifications or experience of a candidate but also about their creative thinking.

Ask questions that will demonstrate if a candidate is open to new ideas.

Perhaps you could ask them how they would market a business, or your own.

As noted above, ask for examples if you need them.

Marketing Manager Compensation

Before you initiate the hiring process you need to consider the price you are willing and able to pay the right candidate.

Glassdoor and PayScale are good resources to help you figure out what a competitive wage would be. reported that the median income for marketing managers in the United States is $104,940.

Consider factors such as education, cost of living in the area, skills and experience, and length of tenure in the job.

Remote work may be possible, especially if the candidate is located in an area with lower costs of living.

Make an offer

Once you've made the right decision, it's finally time to make an agreement! You can put all the details in writing, and HR will review it if necessary.

Make sure you don't reject anyone until your first choice has been accepted. So if they say no, you can move onto your second choice.