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Custom Cap Singapore

Nov 2



There are a variety of custom cap Singapore for cap-lovers and hoarders. There's always at least one cap that's more appropriate for whatever you are doing than the rest of your collection. You can have a customized cap for an indoor party, a park walk or just hanging around at home. We totally get it. Caps are one of the most versatile and practical garments you won't want to love.


You can have custom caps made for your team if you want it. There are no limit to how many caps you can have, unless you're an avid hoarder. For now, however, we will limit your options to 30 caps. It is essential to learn the process step by step, as well as the best practices and rules. If you aren’t certain about the design or material you choose, don’t worry, you’ve already begun your journey because you are here! These are five important things to remember when designing and printing custom caps.


Wrong Materials


There are many materials that can make a great cap, as you probably know. Polyester caps are a great choice. Polyester caps can absorb heat from the sun, or cool you in hot weather. However, it is not known for being able to do either. Comfort and convenience should always be your top priority when it comes to clothing, especially caps. Caps that are customized don't feel right for you. They will soon end up on the floor collecting dust. Select a blend of cotton and sweat-wicking properties. Even a cotton-polyester cap can make you sweat like a bucket. So you should ensure that you choose the right material. It is possible to choose a fabric with a higher cotton percentage if you are certain you will be wearing the cap all day.


What should you do?

Determine the purpose of your cap, and where it will be used. Indoors? Outdoors? How do you like the weather in your area? Is it rainy in your area often? This will allow you to compare your results to the various materials you have. Polyester might work well if your area is constantly wet. However, if your area is extremely hot and humid, it is possible that you will sweat heavily outside. Choose sweat-wicking fabrics for the best results.


An incorrect printing method


Let's take a look at two of the most popular materials, screen printing and embroidery. Which should you choose? Both could make mistakes depending on what fabric you choose. The embroidery might not look good on a cap made of a light material such as polyester and could cause damage to the fabric. While screen printing is an option for some fabrics, embroidery may be the best and most durable choice. This depends on how often it will be exposed the sun.

What should I do?
After you have made your decision, choose the material that you like and proceed with the printing process. You should not attempt to understand the technical details of printing. Instead, you can trust experts to help you make the right choices.


Incorrect Position


Bad placement of your printed design can affect the quality and design of your cap. It is possible for the design to hit seams and stitches that are close together. This could cause the machine's mechanism to tip over, causing it to damage the fabric, or even cause it not work at all. Your customised cap might also look unprofessional. Avoid an all-over style. This should not be a problem if your design is good. However, if the design doesn't make sense it could prove costly. A new price will be added each time a spot is printed with the design.

What should you do?
Make sure your design is not too close or high above the bill of the hat. This is why it is a good idea to consult a professional printer.


Unsuitable Colours


It's rare to see people wearing neon-coloured customized caps, unless it's the trademark of a company. It's because of a reason. The caps can be yellow or green, but most are either lighter or darker. The colour is solid and not reflective or shiny.

What should I do?
Neon should be avoided if it isn't the team's or distinctive color. A solid color, whether it's dark or light, will work well with all skin tones.


Design on The Bill

While it is possible to print your message on your bill without difficulty, there are additional factors that may make your bill appear like a cap. Take a look at what's on the bottom of the note. Due to heat, the bill's cardboard may become wrinkled. You could subconsciously twist your bill by removing your cap, placing it in your hand, and then bending it. Your cap might have had additional procedures to embosse or print an image on the back of the card. This could lead to a higher invoice cost. What's the purpose of the charge? The design could be more prominent and attractive to passers-by if you are not taller or shorter than yourself.

What should I do?
You should not design the bill and then print it. If you have to, place your logo in a corner. To avoid it looking dirty, make sure you don't cover the bill completely with ink.


The idea is simple. Although customised caps can be an easy piece of clothing, this doesn't mean you won't make mistakes when printing them. Printing headwear items is not an easy task, as we have seen. Before you start to print the idea that you have in mind, it is a good idea to review your ideas. Talk to a professional about the matter.